In September 2011, a group of Irish ceramic artists will travel to the Chinese town of Fuping, Shaanxi, to make the foundation collection for the newly built Irish Pavilion at the Fule International Ceramic Art Museum. The Irish Pavilion will showcase the best of the new wave of ceramic art emerging from Ireland, marrying the ancient techniques of the East to our own cultural traditions. It is a permanent exhibition space created to house the work of those ceramic artists whose subtlety, skill and vision captures the spirit of contemporary Ireland. Eleanor Flegg, writer, and Andrew Standen Raz, film maker and photographer, will travel with the group to document the residency. The Irish Pavilion opens on the 4th October 2011.
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Alex's update

Alex Scott says: '

Since 'Bricks in the Rain' my energies have been channelled on producing new work for 2 major Irish exhibitions. The first being 'CULTURECRAFT', in Derry/Londonderry as part of the UK city of Culture calendar. For this I developed the chair forms that had so enamoured me in Fuping, but interpreted a more personal response by reflecting on the chair that belonged to my maternal grandmother. This was a vernacular piece of country furniture from the turn of the century and resulted in a piece of work that was much bolder and larger in scale than the work made in China.

The other challenge I faced was for the show 'FIGURE' at the Millennium Court Arts Centre in Portadown October 2013. This group exhibition of 7 ceramic artists was curated by Michael Robinson, and was reviewed in Ceramic review (issue 264). My work used simple press moulded elements to suggest representation of the figure as opposed to the more literal interpretations chosen by Robinson from the other makers. This was an opportunity to continue with the exploitation of surface quality and unglazed clay body that was one of the major elements of the work I made in China'

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