In September 2011, a group of Irish ceramic artists will travel to the Chinese town of Fuping, Shaanxi, to make the foundation collection for the newly built Irish Pavilion at the Fule International Ceramic Art Museum. The Irish Pavilion will showcase the best of the new wave of ceramic art emerging from Ireland, marrying the ancient techniques of the East to our own cultural traditions. It is a permanent exhibition space created to house the work of those ceramic artists whose subtlety, skill and vision captures the spirit of contemporary Ireland. Eleanor Flegg, writer, and Andrew Standen Raz, film maker and photographer, will travel with the group to document the residency. The Irish Pavilion opens on the 4th October 2011.
The blog is written by Eleanor Flegg, whose opinions may not necessarily reflect those of the group.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I don't really hate craft

I took some antihistamines and the allergic reaction to craft objects calmed down. I think it was just nerves and exhaustion. And the shock of finding that Bernard Leach has godlike status in japanese museums. Which is truly shocking. Good news - Andrew (our talented filmmaker) has made a recent film that just got selected to be shown at the ACF in NY and Washington DC, and shown at the Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema in October! Fame and fortune awaits us all.

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  1. Well well, so I find mself trying (and failing) to pack for the trip...flying tomorrow from Cork on a very early flight, then time to gather my thoughts in the oasis of Heathrow (??!) before my flight to Shanghai. The last thing I need to do right now is distract myself with blogging, but please bear with me while I familiarise myself with the format! This page should be a great way to keep in touch...

  2. Glad the antihistamines are kicking in Eleanor... Like Sara I'm avoiding the dreaded packing...Its hard to know what to bring...I've been keeping an eye on the weather seems like the rain may have cleared by the time we get there... no doubt they have warm rain ...we had a thunder storm here yesterday that produced marble sized hail was that torrential it set off a load of car alarms in the car park opposite my house...looking forward to some sun!