In September 2011, a group of Irish ceramic artists will travel to the Chinese town of Fuping, Shaanxi, to make the foundation collection for the newly built Irish Pavilion at the Fule International Ceramic Art Museum. The Irish Pavilion will showcase the best of the new wave of ceramic art emerging from Ireland, marrying the ancient techniques of the East to our own cultural traditions. It is a permanent exhibition space created to house the work of those ceramic artists whose subtlety, skill and vision captures the spirit of contemporary Ireland. Eleanor Flegg, writer, and Andrew Standen Raz, film maker and photographer, will travel with the group to document the residency. The Irish Pavilion opens on the 4th October 2011.
The blog is written by Eleanor Flegg, whose opinions may not necessarily reflect those of the group.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Silk roads and pigs feet

Arrived in Xi'an, the legendary start of the silk road and, according to a local billboard, National Sanitary City. By what stretch of the imagination we're not quite sure. The whole place is shrouded in dust. Broken pavements between designer outlets and acres of skyscrapers under construction. A short cycle of growth and decay. Food continues to bring the unexpected. With a strong vegetarian minority among the group, its hard to know what you're ordering. The eager expectation of spuds was disappointed by 'sweet pettitoes', which proved to be the trotters of very small pigs.


  1. Hi Eleanor et al, this is fascinating reading, will look forward to it each day ! Eva

  2. Hi Eleanor, At the end of the Silk Road! How exciting. You can always mount your camel and head into wilds. Am keeping an eye on your progress. Enjoy your trotters Mum would be jealous! Hils